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Soon a little city seemed to have sprung up on the banks. The shops of one kind were at one place in rows. I found the visitors choosing books of their choice out of the huge stock at the stall.

Essay on visit to a fair

It is really a healthy sign for a nation if its people take more and more interest in reading books. We enjoyed the visit tremendously. Book fair is a great event of attraction for the intelligent and book lovers.

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Every publisher had their own way to attract the public some were offering heavy discount while some other had gift schemes. I saw there a large variety of books. Now the evening was drawing near and we were tried. Almost every district has a fair. On second round we decided to buy some useful things.

Each stall was a delight to watch. In the evening we returned homes. The World Book Fair is organised every alternate year, publishers from all across the world participate in it. Here and there are seen cars too.

On the Kartik Purnima, it was a holiday. Last year, I went to see the Baisakhi fair with a few friends. When we reached the fair, we had to cross bridge over a part of the river.

Finally we came to home at 9 pm. Drum-beaters announce the event in the neighboring village for a few days before the fair. It was after all a fair and everybody was making money. Some were regulating the traffic; some were providing water to the thirsty while some were engaged in restoring the lost children to their parents.

It is an impressive building. This fair is famous for cattle — sale. We went in on payment of one rupee each. The fair is, no doubt, a good source of knowledge about the varied life of our country and we must visit it whenever we have suitable time.

National book fair is organised by the National Book Trust every year. The stalls were attractively decorated. Then we went round. There were cafeterias and ice-cream parlours. Except these there were very much glassware attractive shop and big pickle shop. There was a great noise.Essay on a visit to a historical place wsimarketing4theweb.com is home of thousands of articles published by users like YOU.

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The Neyveli Book Fair Conducted by the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) is now branded as the South India’s second largest book fair, next only to Chennai Book Fair.

I love to visit the Book Fair every year when it is held in the Month of July/August. In the evening the fair came to an end. People began to return to 'their homes.

We too came back with a nice feeling. The fair is, no doubt, a good source of knowledge about the varied life of our country and we must visit it whenever we have suitable time. A Visit To A Fair: Brief Report, Article, Essay, Cue Card Essay on Visit to a Fair.

A Visit To A Fair: Fairs, fiestas and carnivals are very widespread in wsimarketing4theweb.com let the people gather to have a cheerful time, mask differences if any and form better accepting among each wsimarketing4theweb.coml fairs last for a.

There were some policemen who were maintaining law and order in the fair. We enjoyed a lot in fair. We experience all rides. We bought toys and sweets from fair. It was great experience to visit the fair. Meaning of Hard Words. Snake charmer –an entertainer who appears to. The fair was held on the full moon day in the month of Kartika.

The fair is conducted every year on the bank of the Mahanadi. Thereby we commemorate our sea-trade with other countries in past.

A visit to a fair essay
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