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All promotional materials press releases, posters, flyers, etc. Interview Tips Check out these tips on how to preprare for interviews with reporters about your Drive Electric Week celebration. Details on planning these kinds of events are below in the Planning Activities section.

Whether you need a simple solution for daysailing, a hybrid solution or a complete green off grid solution, we can help. More than half of them were in California. As an Ambassador School, all the school needs to do is: Present an award to a local company, public official, agency, or community organization that has done a lot to promote EV-readiness in your community.

We offer the largest selection of electric boat engines in North America. Invite its faculty, staff, students and parents to attend your National Drive Electric Week event. Electric Tailgate Party Organize the provision of music and food. Electric Vehicle Parade Check with your city to see if you need a permit for the parade, Drive clean drive electric keep in mind Drive clean drive electric there could be significant logistical, financial, and time-related costs associated with a permit.

Logistical and stylistic tips on getting letters or Op-Eds published include: View battery and charging alternatives and Charging Methods based on your specific requirements.

We recently spent some time in a brand-new ludicrously loaded Model X PD and can verify the appeal of the cars. In addition, the ambitious company already has launched the Kia Niro dedicated hybrid, which impressed us as well. The new model has a longer EV range than its predecessor.

Events covered by Sierra Club insurance may incorporate ride-and-drives at the events if an auto dealer organizes that part of the event, and if the auto dealer: Permission or permits are likely necessary.

What to Send to Media To help the media cover your event, you should prepare a media alert as described below. Media Alert template DOC, 48 KB There are some restrictions on sponsor recognition that apply to press releases and promotional materials in the sponsorship section of this page.

Quietness No jerking or shifting while accelerating Immediate throttle response — no need to wait for downshifting, rpms, or a turbo Power regeneration, rather than wasting energy in braking Planning Activities Here are some details on planning specific activities at your event.

Fleets interested in applying for incentives can work with an approved vendor to be signed up on the waitlist until the next round of funding comes into place. Impact of the weak cells is eliminated, because there are no series connections.

The waitlist currently stands at: Event Planning This section provides details on various aspects of planning and running a Drive Electric Week event. Samantha Bingham and Chris Wheat from the City of Chicago, along with fleet leaders, discuss how Drive Clean Chicago advances both business and environmental goals.

See the Local Support section for various template documents for reaching out to local elected officials and businesses. This is also a way for us to recognize people who may be interested in getting involved in EV advocacy. California and seven other states reaffirmed their goal to have 3.

Join the growing trend of boat owners migrating from fossil fuel power to green energy power.

The first one cell powertrain system in the world

Whether you are building new, or repowering, we can meet your electric sailboat motor or power boat motor needs. There are no central funds for this — we tried, but for events the cost and paperwork demands were way too high!

To access the RFA, click here. Learn More Conversion Stories Read about conversion stories and watch conversion videos with people who have switched to ElectricYacht.

Used Leafs are now coming off lease and onto the market, presenting another option for eco-buyers. If the event is organized primarily by Electric Auto Association or Plug In America members, we may be able to provide an insurance certificate as well.

It is likely that all of your participants will have to sign paperwork ahead of time. Please bookmark this Top 10 List and check back as we update. The packaging of the Golf is another plus. Tesla continues to battle with auto dealers in many states as it tries to establish a direct-sales model, although founder Musk has admitted his sales plan may not work when they move to the more mass-market Model 3, which he hopes to sell in volumes of up toper year.

The next generation fuel cell car also should surface soon. We ask for one great photo from each event for national reporting and promotion. Ride-and-Drives We have seen that when people drive or take rides in EVs, they are much more likely to appreciate that these vehicles are real, plausible, fun, and exciting — and to make a purchase or is a web site of the California Air Resources Board developed as a resource for car buyers to find clean and efficient vehicles.

Plug’n Drive. Plug’n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in order to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. Review of the most popular conversion kit to turn any bike into a mid drive electric bike.

About Nacho. Read all about how we turned our Volkswagen Vanagon into a ’round-the-world road tripping machine. Or, in other words, see how we squandered what would have otherwise been a rich and fulfilling social life.

About Nacho. Read all about how we turned our Volkswagen Vanagon into a ’round-the-world road tripping machine.

Clean, Green, Quiet!

Or, in other words, see how we squandered what would have otherwise been a rich and fulfilling social life. Our e-Drive division delivers next generation electric motors as part of the move towards a more sustainable way of powering electric and hybrid vehicles.

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